Team 1091

Hartford Union Highschool First Robotics Team

Meeting for 10-10-2018

*Main bulk of team will be doing business stuff and things *We need money *Programming team will be working further on website *Bear says build team will be helping business team *Talk to Austin about the safety tests that you have done *Parent meeting on the 17th of October (Students start meeting at normal time) *After parent meeting we will be meeting on Thursdays *Madison STEM awareness this Friday ← Not doing this year, parade got in way

Keep in mind for next year

  • Worked on sponsor packet

##What we need to get done *2 member team *Getting a list of local business *Physically go to the places *Following week phone calls *Start up a newsletter *Talk with programming team about how to add news articles to the website *Build a budget *List why *List everything *List things for game season as well as build season *Update the donation letter template *Talk to Tyler about your availability *Ask if not aware what is going on *Team worked in Dimmer’s room.